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Children, Technology, Nature and Non-verbal Cues

  (“Children Who Take A Break From Technology And Enjoy The Outdoors Can Better Understand Non-verbal Cues”, by Antonia for NaturalNews)  In an effort to highlight the disconnectedness that often occurs with too much time in front of a computer and learn more about its effects, experts set out discover what happens when young children …

Take Charge of Your Health!

Be pro-active.  Educate yourself.  Learn how to navigate this toxic environment and come out alive.  Practice preventive medicine.  Assemble a team of holistic and wellness professionals.  It’s never too late to take back your health.  YOU CAN DO THIS!!!  

Glutathione: The Best Antioxidant For Optimal Health

(Lori Alton, staff writer for NaturalHealth365) Glutathione is much like the body’s unsung hero. Although it is constantly at work warding off toxins and other disease-producing impurities, it is only recently that this antioxidant has begun garnering attention for its importance to overall human health. But, why? That’s because scientists are finally …