Wellness Detoxification, Weight Loss, And Body System Rebalance

I was really, really sick when my friend told me about the Total Health Resonance protocol. At the time, I struggled every morning to get to a basic level of functioning [Read Testimonials]

What It Is:

Total Health Resonance™, an alternative and complementary medicine approach, is a revolutionary new patent pending wellness paradigm that grew out of a need for a successful and gentle comprehensive whole body approach to address the harmful effects of heavy metals, and electromagnetic pollution. Its aim is to return the body to a state of optimum health through a program incorporating a combination of the following based on individual needs:

  • Physiological testing is done to determine if metal toxicity is present in the body
  • Nutritional therapy*, a complete food plan, and alkaline water designed to detoxify the body which then may help the body to naturally restore and maintain a state of vibrant health
  • The patented, cutting edge UrielTones sound frequency device designed to re-align and re-balance the body’s electromagnetic field (read more including testimonials)
  • Far Infrared Sauna Therapy
  • Client support, offering personal counseling and educational material for the purpose of engendering a clear understanding of the role of electromagnetic pollution and heavy metals in promoting disease and providing tools so the client can cope with these pervasive modern environmental challenges
  • Other therapies specific to each client
  • Analysis of your living environment and diet to determine and eliminate all sources of heavy metals, and guidance on how to eliminate these sources
  • Electrodermal Screening (very limited use to determine which UrielTones sound frequencies balance the body)

Using a modified version of our standard program, Total Health Resonance’s Body Reset Weight Loss Protocol is a simple yet comprehensive multi-tiered plan that successfully addresses the true sources of weight gain and the increasingly difficult challenge of weight loss [read more].

* Why a chelating supplement alone doesn’t work and can be dangerous for you [read more]


Are you experiencing mysterious symptoms that no doctor can seem to diagnose or cure? Things like chronic headaches, inability to lose weight, muscle cramps, pain and weakness, skin rashes, joint pain, dizziness, foggy thinking, digestive problems, heart palpitations, anxiety or depression, exhaustion, sleep disturbances?

We believe toxic levels of heavy metals in pesticides, herbicides, as well as other heavy metals found in the air, the soil, the water, and our foods are off the charts. In addition, we are confronted with an alarming increase in radioactive metals in our food, our water and our environment.

Highly disruptive electromagnetic fields and radio frequency waves from WIFI, computers, iPads, televisions, cell phones, cell phone towers, microwave ovens, microwave towers, radar installations, and large appliances are virtually impossible to avoid. There are now thousands of scientific studies on health issues created from these low emission fields (a few are in our articles and blog sections). The frequencies generated by these technologies scramble the electromagnetic field of the body and impair its ability to function in a healthy way. Unless you live in an impenetrable bubble, there is no way to escape exposure.

Emerging scientific studies seem to indicate that the proliferation of asthma, Alzheimer’s, ALS, MS, ADDA, DHD, cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, arthritis, chronic unexplained low energy, foggy brain, skin pathologies, chronic digestive dysfunction, severe muscle pain and weakness, migraine headaches, depression, and anxiety, along with new and exotic “incurable” auto immune diseases and neurological syndromes are greatly exacerbated, if not directly caused by exposure to these toxic electromagnetic frequencies and metals.

In addition, our environment has been so altered by pollution that the pH balance of the soil and water is now either too alkaline or acidic. This extreme pH imbalance can cause an eventual weakening of the immune systems of all living creatures, making them more susceptible to infection by molds and fungi. Once inside your body these molds and fungi can begin to grow, releasing toxins directly into the tissues and blood, which may create serious, sometimes life threatening symptoms. Click here to learn more about mold toxicity.

TOTAL HEALTH RESONANCE is designed to successfully address these challenges.



Your body is an organism that generates and is dependent on a specifically calibrated electromagnetic field to maintain vibrant health and wellbeing. Total Health Resonance is designed to focus on clearing out anything that could interfere with this optimum frequency, then making it possible to restore the compromised cells and tissues to their natural electromagnetic signatures using our revolutionary UrielTones sound frequency therapy.

treeThe alarming increase in heavy metals, some of them radioactive, found in our environment is indisputable. Heavy metals generate their own electromagnetic field. When lodged in the tissues of the body, they can disrupt and distort the electromagnetic fields of the cells in that area, causing them to malfunction. If not removed, this alteration may become chronic. We believe it is not enough to remove the metals, however. If this electromagnetic disruption is not recalibrated at the cellular level, the compromised cells can remain dysfunctional and the body can continue to struggle.

The electromagnetic field of the body can also be adversely affected by modern technology such as WIFI, microwaves, and cell phone signals. These “toxic” frequencies can cripple the body’s immune system and it’s ability to restore balance. They can cause biological stress, tissue damage and serious health problems.

Total Health Resonance, an alternative and complementary medicine approach, utilizes existing and new technology in a specific sequence based on the harmful metals and symptoms particular to each client and is designed to detoxify and then recalibrate the body’s electromagnetic system. Natural physiological balance can be restored so that the immune system can function properly, and there can be less sensitivity to toxic electromagnetic waves.

Treatment plans will vary in length from around six weeks to over three months based on toxicity levels. Each client is also provided with tools and information to help them maintain a healthy body and personal environment once they have completed the protocol.

See a case study demonstrating the clinical and subjective benefits of our program