“I was really, really sick when my friend told me about the Total Health Resonance protocol. At the time, I struggled every morning to get to a basic level of functioning; to be able to get out of bed and shower, to be able to prepare my food. I did hour after hour of bodywork in order to ‘get functional’ (e.g. sit at a desk and turn on my computer, check my email) by mid-afternoon. My weight kept dropping. As a 5’8″ female, I was at an all-time adult low of 119 pounds… Every morning, after 10 or more hours of sleep and immobility, the cycle repeated. I was on a boatload of prescription drugs, including long term prednisone and massive narcotic pain meds. And I was scared. Beyond scared. I was close to giving up.

The exhaustion from the pain and struggle overwhelmed me. I felt like I was carrying around 200 pounds on a broken back. My head was in a deep, foggy well, and every day I fought to emerge. I wasn’t even a shadow of myself. I had no sense of well-being… I had tried literally everything available through western and alternative treatments to get some help.

Throughout our very supportive and nurturing discussions, the folks at In Harmony center where the Total Health Resonance protocol was being conducted deeply believed that I could be helped, and I started to believe it too. So I committed to follow the program – which for me included URIEL sound frequency re-alignment and rebalancing, Light therapy, alkaline/structured water, and a complete nutritional therapy customized to my symptoms. I was already doing Far Infrared saunas at home. My experience during each test or treatment was very peaceful and relaxing.

By the end of my six week protocol, I was functioning in the morning (!!) and had gained 12 pounds. I know that gaining weight doesn’t sound appealing to most people, but for me it was evidence of my physiological reversal through the Total Health Resonance program. I also came out of ‘the well’. My energy increased, and I could function at a higher level every day, and earlier every day, too. Remember, I was scared, desperate and starving when I started the Total Health Resonance program. After the first round of treatments, I started to thrive… I’m so grateful to have found Total Health Resonance. And I’m hopeful that others will find it, too.”
– LC

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you thank you! I am so grateful for what the Total Health Resonance Program has done for me not only with losing significant inches and weight but also with my general health, self-esteem, and overall mental and physical condition.

I had been experiencing high blood pressure readings and high diabetic sugar readings and the doctors were continually giving me more medications which caused more problems and I was just tired of taking all of the medications, having no energy, getting depressed and having no motivation to do anything. I decided to go to In Harmony Wellness Center, which is a licensee for the Total Health Resonance Program, and I had an analysis done by Marcia which came back as a perfect picture of me where I was at that stage in my life. It was absolutely accurate. I started the Total Health Resonance Body Reset Weight Loss program and the entire staff made me feel so welcome. They showed and expressed interest and concern in what was going on with the total me. Every session I experienced with them brought healing to my mind, spirit and body. I could even see the difference in my blood pressure readings and diabetes sugar readings. My numbers are finally normal and within range after 7 years of being diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes. I no longer feel depressed everyday as if there is no hope and I have energy to move, to do things and finally I’m starting to see things in a whole new light.

I have learned how to eat, when to eat, and how to LOVE myself properly, holistically, from the inside out. Others around me have noticed changes also. I would definitely recommend this program to others because it absolutely works. You can regain your health, regain peace, and lose weight all at the same time. It really does pay off.
– CE

“If you’ve ever seen the list for the signs and symptoms of heavy metal toxicity, you’d notice that it’s quite long and I had about 80% of the symptoms listed. The other thing that was quite long was the amount of time and money I had spent trying to get well. It had been at least 2 years and many thousands of dollars and I was feeling quite desperate because I just wasn’t getting better. I talked with Janice, one of the Total Health Resonance practitioners, and she suggested I consider doing the heavy metal detox program, which was pretty comprehensive with sound, light, sauna, supplements and lots of very kind hand-holding . Three months in and I really can tell a huge difference for the first time. At one point it was so bad, that I’d be driving in my neighborhood and not know where I was, couldn’t finish sentences, I was dehydrated, my heartbeat was weak and skipped, toes cold, clammy and numb… and the list goes on. I’m happy to say I’m feeling so much better (I can find my way around town now ) and I’m encouraged as I continue on the maintenance program. The team working with Janice are all very dedicated and compassionate and are helping me to understand more about metal toxicity (and why so many people are heavy metal toxic), electromagnetic fields, and my health in general. I’m tickled and delighted that I finally get to write a testimonial about getting well. I’ve waited a long time to finally be able to say that I’m feeling better and with that I’m very grateful for Janice and her team!”
– EM

“I am so glad that I was able to do the Total Health Resonance protocol and would strongly recommend it to anyone who is wanting to take the next step toward better health. I thoroughly enjoyed the light and sound therapies – they were both relaxing and rejuvenating. I had already been doing the sauna for some time before starting this protocol, so I was happy to continue with that therapy as well. I found that the supplement schedule forced me to be even more conscious of my food intake, not necessarily the amount or quality (which was good before starting this program) but rather the time in between meals and snacks or between dinner and bedtime. This might sound like a small detail, but for me, eating dinner at least 3 hours before going to bed made a huge difference. Throughout this detox, I found myself better able to manage my emotions and stress levels. I lost 10 lbs and my overall energy improved. I am incredibly grateful for the supportive staff at In Harmony for walking with me on this journey to better health!”
– AG

My hair mineral analysis showed that I was toxic in Mercury and had certain mineral deficiencies likely caused by the Mercury and other metals. I was very impressed with the level of detail the clinical director discussed with me as she created a customized treatment plan. I already ate fairly close to what the program calls for and took certain supplements, but I have realized since finishing the 6 week program that this was not enough. I wasn’t giving my body a chance to release the metals and toxins, and I wasn’t recalibrating the cells back to their natural state. I absolutely loved the light therapy and especially the sound therapy which are very soothing and which you can feel them working as you are on them. The sound therapy always made me feel very peaceful and it seemed as if it were working to correct issues at a core level. I had very good results from going through the program, including losing some weight, and I would heartily recommend this program to anyone experiencing health issues that doctors can’t figure out or treat without tons of prescription meds.
– JD

We recognize that testimonials are selective and are not fully representative of everyone’s experience. We can’t guarantee any specific results and the testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using our services for any particular issue. Still, we share these to give a sense of what some clients have experienced.