Mercury Rising – and It’s Not the Weather

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Mercury Rising – and It’s Not the Weather


(By Lily Whitehawk)  Auto immune diseases.  Mental disorders.  Headaches and migraines.  Memory loss.  Insomnia.  Lethargy.   Depression.  Anxiety disorders.  Arthritis.  Gingivitis.  Oral lesions.  Infertility.  Birth defects.  Autism.  Abdominal pain.  ADHD.  Asthma.  Allergies.  Muscle weakness.  Tinnitis.  Cancer.

What a disheartening parade of  disorders!  The really bad news is that as overwhelming as this list sounds, it is but an abbreviated version of the rapidly growing mountain of modern maladies that are being linked to Mercury toxicity.  Once this destructive element has been absorbed into living cells, it is very difficult to remove.  If Mercury is not forced to hit the road by following a specific detoxification protocol along with eliminating as many sources of exposure as is possible, then over time the level of toxicity will build until it eventually becomes life threatening.  It can adversely affect the nervous, immune and reproductive systems.  It wreaks havoc on the brain and kidneys.  It can seriously damage chromosomes and DNA.

You may be thinking, “Hmmm.  That is quite a scary list.  In fact I am experiencing more than one of these health challenges right this very minute.  But it can’t be Mercury.  Where would I possibly have been exposed to that? ”

The reality is that exposure to Mercury, a potentially deadly neurotoxin, is almost impossible to avoid.  It is everywhere: it has polluted our air, our streams, rivers, and oceans, and our food supply.  We happily soak our gardens and crops, our lawns and golf courses with Mercury containing pesticides and fungicides.  We blithely allow it to be injected into our selves, our children, our pets and livestock through vaccines.  We willingly open our mouths and pay our dentists (who are directed by many insurance companies to use Mercury containing amalgam fillings because they are the less expensive alternative to more healthy body friendly options) to pack it into our teeth.  We increase our exposure to Mercury vapor when we diligently do our part to save the planet by screwing those cute curly little energy saving bulbs into every light socket we can find.   If the idea of inhaling Mercury vapor is not enough to halt our use of these insane inventions, perhaps considering what would happen if one of these kinky puppies breaks and worse, possibly nicks our skin in the process will get us to sit up and take notice.   Trust me, the results are very very ugly.

On a larger scale, we continue to use more and more coal to provide energy for this modern way of living based on technological geegaws and gadgets.  The coal industry is actually the biggest contributor to Mercury pollution today, creating tons and tons of Mercury laden sludge that is released into our water and our air.  Studies show that the presence of Mercury is now being found in all fish tested (and therefore in that tuna sandwich you had for lunch), and high levels are turning up in endangered species, leading to the question: what role is this heavy metal playing in the rapid extinction of living things around the world?

Humanity definitely has its work cut out for it.  We need to wake up, roll up our sleeves and do a thorough and complete housecleaning on a global level.  We need to demand that corporations move respect for life and common sense to the top of the list in their decision making process, far ahead of the greed-and-profit yardstick that now seems to be their primary deciding factor.  Sometimes the cheapest alternative in the short run turns out to be the deadliest, most costly and counterproductive choice over the long haul.

Stand up.  Take your health back!

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