Metal Toxicity

Heavy Metals

The alarming increase in heavy metals found in our environment in indisputable



The alarming increase in heavy metals found in our environment is indisputable. Some of these metals are radioactive. All of them generate their own electromagnetic field. When lodged in the tissues of the body, they can disrupt and distort the electromagnetic fields of the cells in that area, which may cause them to malfunction. If not removed, this alteration may become chronic.


Aluminum may be found in many processed foods (cheeses, baking powders, cake mixes, frozen dough, self-raising flours), cosmetics, toothpastes, antiperspirants, some common medicines such as analgesics, antacids, anti-diarrhea and anti-hemorrhoid products, cooking utensils, air and drinking water supplies. Symptoms may include memory loss, Alzheimer’s and dementia, inability to concentrate, malaise, tremor, jerking movements, depression and anxiety, bone loss, kidney damage and cardiac arrest.


Arsenic is found in timber treatment, agricultural chemicals, mining, metal smelting, groundwater and animal growth promoters. Arsenic can increase cancer risk, can cause gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and nervous system problems, fatigue, malaise, skin problems, white striae on fingernails, hair loss and diabetes.


Cadmium is found in cigarette smoke, refined foods, water pipes, coffee and tea, coal burning, cement, batteries and phosphate fertilizers. One pack of cigarettes contains about 20 mcg. of cadmium, or about 1 mcg. per cigarette. This metal may inhibit enzyme reactions and utilization of nutrients and can generate excessive free radical activity, bone loss, kidney damage, high blood pressure and an increase in cancer risk.


Copper is found in birth control pills, copper cookware, copper pipes, IUDs, fungicides, swimming pools, water, ice makers, and industrial emissions. Symptoms can include allergies, autism, depression, cravings, fatigue, fears, hyperactivity, hypertension, insomnia, mental illness, migraines, mood swings, panic attacks, paranoia, PMS, spacey feelings, stuttering and yeast infections.


Mercury can be found in our teeth in the form of amalgams, in childhood vaccinations, in fish, air pollution and waste disposal. It is also found in fungicides and pesticides. Mercury can disrupt the nervous system, reproductive system, kidneys, brain, and immune system. It also can cause chromosomal and DNA damage as well as allergic reactions.


Lead is found in paints, fuels and oils, explosives, fishing tackle, rubber and plastics, inks and dyes, building materials, food/drink containers, toys, hair restorers, and battery manufacturing. Lead can cause anemia, damage the nervous system, kidneys, gastrointestinal system, heart and reproductive system. It can cause behavior problems, loss of IQ, hearing loss and poor growth in children. Children absorb 4-5 times more than adults.