Nutritional Therapy (continued)

There are numerous metal detox supplements on the market. Unless you are under the supervision of a licensed health care practitioner, (such as the professionals you will find in every TOTAL HEALTH RESONANCE Center), undertaking a metal detox on your own using these chelating agents can prove dangerous. There is not one standardized “way” to detox from heavy metals. We each have a unique body blueprint. Each of us has accumulated different metals at varying levels in different areas of our body. Every metal has its own unique signature and must be addressed in a customized way.

TOTAL HEALTH RESONANCE Detox Protocols are designed and individually calibrated to address the specific needs and special challenges of each client. Detoxifying supplements are combined with additional nutritional supplementation, dietary plans, infrared sauna, and alkaline water to insure that the detox experience is as effective as possible. The combination of these unique and carefully supervised elements is immensely more comprehensive and non-toxic than utilizing chelating agents alone.

As metals are chelated out of fat cells and other body tissue, they enter the bloodstream where they can then be redistributed and re-deposited in vital organs such as the brain, heart, or kidneys. TOTAL HEALTH RESONANCE Protocols take this in to account and provide special supplementation and other methods to ensure that once these metals are released, they are not re-deposited, but rather are captured and safely transported out of the body.

One of the consequences of metal toxicity is a deficiency of beneficial minerals the body needs to function at optimal levels. This is due to the fact that specific metals will displace corresponding minerals in cells, blocking the absorption and utilization of those much-needed elements. TOTAL HEALTH RESONANCE utilizes information from a professionally evaluated hair analysis as well as an extensive health intake form to customize your therapy. This includes a determination of which minerals are deficient and need to be replaced so that the body can return to vibrant health and future reabsorption of harmful metals will be averted.

There is one final step that is vital to the return to health. Your electromagnetic field, which is seriously disrupted by the presence of toxic metals in the cells, must be recalibrated. TOTAL HEALTH RESONANCE uses specific therapies including the powerful and unique UrielTones sound frequency therapy, (exclusive to licensed THR Centers) to return the electromagnetic signature of the body to its natural frequency.

As much as we would like to believe there is a “magic pill” that will return us to a healthy, toxin free state, the reality is that detoxing is a complicated process, best undertaken with the guidance of a healthcare professional. TOTAL HEALTH RESONANCE would be honored to be that guide. With determination and focus, you can feel good again!