Is Your Smile Hiding a Deadly Secret?

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Is Your Smile Hiding a Deadly Secret?

Is your Smile Hiding a Deadly Secret?

What is your smile hiding?


(Lily Whitehawk)  If you have even one amalgam, or “silver” filling in your mouth, you are subjecting your body to deadly toxins every day. This is not an urban myth.  It is all too real.

About half of all dentists in America still use amalgam in dental procedures, even though this material has been banned in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, and parts of Japan. Amalgam fillings are made of 50% mercury.  Mercury, a neurotoxin, is one of the most dangerous heavy metals to human health, capable of doing extensive damage to almost every organ in the body.

Every time you eat, chew gum, grind your teeth, have dental procedures such as teeth cleaning,  or drink hot beverages such as coffee or tea, mercury vapor is released.  This vapor (a non-reactive form of mercury) then moves from your mouth to your lungs.  There it is absorbed by the bloodstream and carried to various organs in your body such as the brain, kidneys, intestines, bone marrow and heart. An enzyme called catalase then converts this nonreactive vapor into a reactive bio-available form of mercury capable of being absorbed through the cell walls. Once it is trapped inside the cells, it is very difficult for the body to eliminate it.

This creates a slow and steady ever accumulating build up of highly destructive poison in your body.  Mercury toxicity has been linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, auto immune diseases, autism, anxiety, asthma, tingling in the hands and feet, ringing in the ears, migraines, kidney disease, endocrine disfunction, depression, memory loss, muscle weakness and tremors, even cancer.  The list goes on and on.

Fortunately there is a solution to this challenge.  Find a dentist who has been trained in the removal of amalgam fillings and ask for a consultation.  If not done correctly this procedure can release huge amounts of mercury vapor into your system at once, which could make you very sick.  During the procedure the dentist will use preventive measures such as a specially fitted rubber dam, suction, and medical oxygen to ensure that the mercury does not get released and absorbed by your body.  He will then replace the old filling with a material that is body friendly.

After the fillings are replaced, the next thing to address is the removal of the mercury that is still held in your tissues. Ask a Naturopathic doctor, a Holistic practitioner or wellness center to help you with a safe detox method and to support you during the process.  This will more than likely consist of a program that includes supplements to aid in the removal of the toxin and to provide support, nutritional counseling to rebuild and strengthen the body, as well as other modalities to provide you everything needed for a successful recovery.









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