Toxic Metals 101 – Aluminum Toxicity

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Toxic Metals 101 – Aluminum Toxicity



(Lily Whitehawk for Total Health RESONANCE)

Aluminum toxicity has increased alarmingly over the last few years. Today, nearly 80% of hair samples tested show elevated levels of aluminum.

Symptoms of Aluminum toxicity:


*Memory loss




*Muscle weakness

*Bone pain

*Bone fractures and deformities


*Slow growth in children

*Speech difficulties

*Lung damage

*Impaired voluntary and involuntary nervous system response

*Brain disorders and diseases

*Bone disease


*Impaired iron absorption


*Intestinal difficulties



*Dry skin

*Dry mucus membranes


Target Areas:








Sources of Aluminum Toxicity:


*Processed cheese

*Bleached flour

*Municipal water supplies

*Aerosolized materials used in geo-engineering

*Airborne dust in industrialized areas






*Baking powder



*Aluminum cans


Visit your wellness center or health care professional to find out if you have heavy metal toxicity. A good provider will test either your hair, blood or urine (or a combination of these three), as well as do an intake consisting of extensive questions and analysis of your symptoms and past environmental and health history.

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