Toxic Metals 101 – Arsenic Toxicity

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Toxic Metals 101 – Arsenic Toxicity

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Symptoms of Arsenic Toxicity :


*Cardiovascular disease


*Kidney damage

*Skin lesions or hyperkeritosis

*Darkening, redness, swelling of skin

*Bladder, kidney, lung and skin cancer

*Liver dysfunction


*White lines in the nails





Target areas:




*Central Nervous system

*Digestive system



Sources of Arsenic toxicity:

*Dust born particulates

*Air in industrialized locations

*Groundwater and soil (especially around old or current mining operations)



*Glass manufacturing



*Metal Compounds


*Wood preservatives

*Foods grown in contaminated soil or contaminated with with some pesticides and herbicides, especially rice, fruits, and vegetables.

*Shellfish and other seafood

*Industrial accidents


**** Note: There are two types of arsenic, organic and inorganic.  The inorganic compound is extremely toxic to living things. The organic compound is less harmful, although can accumulate in the body over time and cause damage.


Visit your wellness center or health care professional to find out if you have heavy metal toxicity. A good provider will test either your hair, blood or urine (or a combination of these three), as well as do an intake consisting of extensive questions and analysis of your symptoms and past environmental and health history.


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