Toxic Metals 101 – Cadmium Toxicity

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Toxic Metals 101 – Cadmium Toxicity



(Lily Whitehawk for Total Health RESONANCE)

Symptoms of Cadmium toxicity:





*Chills (acute exposure to fumes)

*Fever (acute exposure to fumes)

*Muscle aches (acute exposure to fumes)




*Kidney dysfunction and failure


*Kidney stones

*Cancer, especially prostate cancer

*Neurological disorders

*Psychological disorders

*Decreased bone density

*Brittle bones

*Impaired sense of smell

*Dryness and irritation of the nose and throat


*Chest pain


*Pain in the back and joints


Target areas:




*Musculo-skeletal system


Sources of Cadmium Toxicity:


*Air, water and soil in industrialized areas

*Food grown in contaminated soil and water, especially rice

*Liver and kidneys of adult animals


*Air, water and soil around industrial waste sites and facilities

*Workplaces that make batteries, coatings or plastics

*Metal refining and smelting plants

*Artist paints and pastels

*Nickel cadmium batteries

*Phosphates in fertilizers as well as soil treated with these fertilizers

*Some jewelry

*Some decorative glass paint


Visit your wellness center or health care professional to find out if you have heavy metal toxicity. A good provider will test either your hair, blood or urine (or a combination of these three), as well as do an intake consisting of extensive questions and analysis of your symptoms and past environmental and health history.


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