WIFI + Heavy Metal Toxicity = Big Trouble

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WIFI + Heavy Metal Toxicity = Big Trouble


(Lily Whitehawk)  There is a growing mountain of evidence that WiFi technology is detrimental to the health and well-being of all living things.  This technology emits powerful microwaves and magnetic radiation, both energies that over time and in high enough doses can cause serious damage to the structure of living cells.

However, it is not the magnetic radiation or the microwaves that are the most dangerous aspects of this digital paradigm.  The most insidious, tragically destructive element of the technology is the modulated information-containing radio waves that are delivered by the microwave carrier waves.  While living things have some tolerance for microwave signals and magnetic radiation in low doses, there is no dose of these information-carrying signals that we can resist, no matter how low.  These frequencies fall within the same range as the frequencies of cell receptors. Because of this biologically tuned resonance, they meet with no resistance from living cells.  Thus, there is no  level of exposure that does not cause potentially damaging changes at the cellular level.

Radio frequency carrier waves are designed to relay information by delivering a sequence of vibrational signals that cause a corresponding vibration in materials that the waves impact, thus creating a continued flow of this information through that material. When this signal is picked up by your cells’ receptors, it stimulates a corresponding resonance in the structure of those cells.  These compromised cells then become carriers of that information rather than the information with which they are naturally encoded.  Why is this so destructive?  It is because the integrity and health of your cells and your body as a whole depends on the sending and receiving of informational signals to and from the body’s regulating systems that are calibrated specifically for that cell’s nutritional and behavioral needs.

Our bodies were designed for resilience and self-repair.  Your cells have the ability under normal circumstances to return to their natural vibrational states if exposure to these frequencies is of short duration (under six minutes on a cell phone for instance) and enough time passes between exposures.  However, if this exposure is frequent or of extended duration, the cells can no longer find their healthy equilibrium and become altered beyond repair.  The body as a whole then loses it’s ability to function in a healthy way.

Adding to this disastrous situation is the alarming presence in body tissues of toxic levels of heavy metals, many of them highly conductive, such as mercury, aluminum and copper.  This condition is now found in a growing number of people.  When exposed to modulated radio waves, a magnified resonance corresponding to the foreign frequency is generated in these metals.  This prolongs and enhances the detrimental effects of these destructive vibrations, making it extremely difficult for the compromised cells to reestablish equilibrium.

The damage resulting from this onslaught is varied and far reaching.  For example, the nervous system becomes overstimulated. The natural rhythm and flow of brain waves determining alertness, sleep patterns, and the ability to think coherently are disrupted.  The immune system is also challenged in that it can no longer discern whether a cell is healthy or compromised.  Because the signal the cell is sending out no longer reads as “normal” for that cell, the body may incorrectly interpret it as being no longer healthy or a natural part of the system and label it as an “invader”  that needs to be eliminated.  It then dispatches “fighter” cells to attack the offending cell, creating inflammation and autoimmune disease in otherwise healthy tissue.  Eventually these scrambled signals become so chaotic that they stress the immune system beyond its capacity to function in a normal way.  It loses its ability to identify and effectively dispose of truly damaged and precancerous cells.  This allows cells that would naturally be eliminated by a healthy immune system to instead remain in the body where they continue to mutate and reproduce until they become cancerous.

Vibrationally confused havoc ensues at ever expanding levels, leading to the development of increasingly grave pathologies such as chronic fatigue, insomnia, irritability, anxiety and nervousness, inability to concentrate, memory loss, allergies, skin rashes, headaches, vision problems, diminished hearing capacity, heart arrhythmia, elevated cholesterol levels,  Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, pain in the joints and muscles, even cancer.

Fortunately you have the power to protect the integrity and health of your body from this grave challenge.  Find a safe and effective protocol to remove the toxic metals in your tissues and then restore your body to its natural state of well being.  Eliminate every source of WiFi exposure possible, and drastically restrict your use of those sources you feel you can not eliminate altogether.

Wake up. Educate yourself.  Take your health back.




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